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nd improve their job prospects as ski tourism takes off in the area.Yanqing, 74 ▓kilometers northwest of central Beijing, will host several events in 2022, including Alpine skiing, bobsled, skeleton and luge."The training is being provided o▓n the basis of what

c▓al government, so they'

farmers in Yanqing need. And there's an ur

Image 01

ll be ready to help

gent need for local residents to have the skills training before

Image 02

out during the 202

the events approach," said Xu Xi, director of Beijing's Human Resources an▓d Social Securi

Image 03

2 Winter Olympics.The

ty Bureau, which is supervising the program.X▓u said the training will be

district's hum

conducted by two vocational schools in Beijing, and that the farmers will also ▓receive training in language and etiquette.Yanqing farmer Guo Junhua, 34, is an avid skier and a local ski coach. Because of a lack of

Image 01

 access to professional training, she learned to ski on ▓a mountain nea

Image 02

r her village.In September, friends who practiced on the same slopes introduced

Image 03

her to the Haituo "▓farmer ski team". She joined the 18-member t▓eam锛峸hose average a

an resources b

ge is 26锛峵o get more professional t▓raining and help train others interested i▓n skiing. In December, members of the team received some international-level training organized by the Swiss Ski Association.Guo said she is excited about the vocational training▓ and

Image 04

ureau said the plan is to tr

Image 05

ain ▓100,000 people by 2022

Image 06

, at a rate of 20,000 a ye

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